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DeltiCup 2018 prediction game

As of 14 June, we will all be looking towards Russia. At the Football World Cup 2018, the best teams in the world will fight for the coveted title of world champions. At Yourtyres.co.uk, the best of the best will also be competing.

Register now for our international DeltiCup World Cup prediction game. Bet against other customers and claim your chance to win great prizes worth a total of more than GBP 13,000!

DeltiCup 2018

Bet and win great prizes!

Grand prize:

All participants who play to the end will be in with a chance of winning our grand prize  - a VW up! in VIKING design worth GBP 10.000!

Prizes for the best tipsters:

1st place: Football table in Yourtyres.co.uk design
2nd place: iPhone 7 with 128 GB storage capacity
3rd place: Dunlop BarelQ Barbecue

...and much more!

Don't forget: If you get the right answer to the question "Which team will be world champions?", we will award you 10 extra points! You need to submit your answer before the first World Cup match is played on 14 June 2018 at 5pm.

You didn't manage to pick the winner? It doesn't matter. Taking part is what counts, and will be rewarded - you can still win the main prize, even if you don't predict the winners.

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How to take part in the DeltiCup prediction game:

That's it! From now on, you can bet on your favourites. Bets must always be made before a game begins. Bets placed too late cannot be considered.

Good luck with the competition, and enjoy cheering on your team!

DeltiCup 2018 Gewinne

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