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Please also fax us your company registration document to: 0121 2103340 .
If you have not yet formed a company but are registered as self-employed, then please fax us a copy of this document to: 0121 2103340.


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 VAT identification number
Information about the VAT identification number (VATIN)

What is a VAT identification number?

A VAT identification or registration number (VATIN) is a tax identifier used in goods transactions within the European Union. It is neccessary to have such a number in order for companies to buy goods from companies in other countries within the EU without having to pay VAT in that country. VAT is then only charged in the country where the goods are delivered to. The VAT identification number helps tax authorities to keep track of this movement of goods.

What does a VAT identification number look like?

A VATIN starts with a country-specific prefix that depends on which country you are registered in. This is followed by 8-12 characters which are mostly made up of numbers.

Where can I get hold of a VATIN?

VAT identification numbers are obtainable from your local tax office.

Checking the VATIN

Please check that the customer data you gave us, including the VAT identification number, corresponds with the information your local tax office already has. Delticom AG is required to give this information to the German tax authorities. If there are discrepancies in the information supplied, this could lead to unnecessary holdups.

The process to verify your VAT identification number can take some time. Until we have the results, however, we are obliged to charge you VAT on all your orders. After we have received positive news back from the authorities, we can then start to send you invoices without VAT. We will also correct any invoices we have already sent you and of course, reimburse you with any VAT you have already paid.
 Company registration number
Company Registration Number
The registered company number is the number assigned by Companies House to the customer. A company is considered to be a separate entity to the people who own or operate the business. You'll find the number on the company registration document the customer sends you.

If the customer has no company registration number then he or she must show you proof that they are self-employed.

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