Tyres for electric cars:

Safety, low rolling resistance, higher load capacity and low noise are crucial

Are you looking for tyres for electric cars or hybrid vehicles for your customers? But which tyre characteristics should you rely on when giving advice?

Particularly in terms of rolling resistance, the choice of tyres differs from conventional combustion vehicles:

  • Range - make sure that the label values are good: Tyres with lower rolling resistance (efficiency class A) also have lower power consumption. For drivers of - usually - heavier electric cars, this higher range and thus longer distance to the next battery charge is a crucial point.

  • Driving comfort - minimise rolling noise: Low rolling resistance also means that rolling noise is minimised. A clear advantage for drivers of cars with quiet drive systems.

  • High load capacity - heavy cars: Due to the often higher weight of battery-powered cars, some tyre manufacturers offer XL tyres, such as for many heavy Tesla models.

  • Safety first - with premium tyres: Tyres for electric cars must also guarantee safety during short braking distances. Here the second letter on the tyre label - optimally an A - indicates very good braking properties in the wet.

Safe grip, high driving comfort and yet extremely economical - these are the specifications. No easy task for the tyre industry.

Eco low resistance tyres are especially optimised for electric cars, but conventional tyre models with low rolling resistance (recognisable by the AA marking values) and high load capacity can often be the optimal choice.

Simple search for tyres for electric cars

We want to make it easier for you to find suitable, high-quality tyres for your customers with electric cars. Whether summer, winter or all-season: Here you can find suitable tyres at a glance - simply enter the respective customer vehicle in the search mask. The EU tyre label in the field of fuel efficiency also helps you to choose the right tyre.

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